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uxgigs Update #4: 22 new subscribers this week


2 min read


Since last week, my focus has been on growing the number of subscribers for

This week, the focus has been to test LinkedIn ads and Microsoft ads, as I had some free credit to use.

Here were the results:

LinkedIn Ads11
Microsoft Ads9
All Channels22

I also sent out my latest jobs email yesterday:

Open Rate35.3%
Click-Through Rate17.6%

What I've Learned

I was surprised by Microsoft ads. I wasn't expecting much traffic, and I had to be really broad with my keywords to get impressions. However, there has been a steady trickle of visitors each day, and the signup conversion rate seems pretty good. The CPC so far doesn't seem that much cheaper than Google, however.

LinkedIn Ads seemed to work really well (it makes sense given is a job site). However, the CPC was almost twice as much.

I was also unsure what impact the recent growth in subscribers would have on my open rate and click-through rate. However, both seem to be way above typical rates for emails – which is great to see.

What next?

I want to keep the momentum going. If I can get a similar level of growth over the next week, I'll have met my goal early for December (50 subscribers).

However, I think this will be difficult as we approach Christmas. I still have credit left with Microsoft Ads so I'll keep those running for now.

My next focus is to try and grow it via non-paid channels. To do this, I want to start up a blog (I have a few ideas around content for this) and see if I have any success in relevant online communities.

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