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uxgigs Update #1: Launching the MVP


2 min read

The problem I'm trying to solve

Earlier in 2020, I left the comfort of a full-time job to go it alone as a freelance UX designer. I wanted more flexibility in what work I do and when I do it. I also wanted to build my own digital products – something that's a challenge when working a "9 to 5".

Searching for new work became a regular routine of mine. Most days, I'd trawl through numerous job boards, scouting for a contract or freelance UX role.

However, I found this process frustrating. These sites had mountains of jobs. Literally thousands. But most of them weren't right for me.

After failing to find a better alternative, I decided to try and solve this problem myself.

My solution

I saw this as an opportunity. I wanted to create a solution that made finding jobs quicker and easier for freelancers like myself. After all, time is money in the world of freelancing.

There were a few different ways to tackle this problem. I settled on creating a job board specifically for UX/UI contractors and freelancers in the UK.

Design and build of the MVP

I was keen to spin up an MVP. At this stage, I was working with assumptions and I didn't want to invest too much time into a problem that may not exist — or need a solution.

The plan was to create a one-page website with a curated list of jobs from a range of sites. The jobs would be contract or freelance UX design roles only. No full-time roles, and no development or product management roles here I'm afraid!

I spent half a day designing a quick site in Figma. I then brought it to life using Gatsby for the front-end, DatoCMS for the CMS, and Netlify to host it all. It's a combination that worked really well.

In total, it took a few days work.

Measures for success

The challenge now is to test whether there is an appetite and market for this solution. To do so, I'll drive traffic to the site with Google Ads and measure:

  • Ad Impressions
  • Ad CTR
  • % of users who clicked on a job
  • Return users
  • Email sign up

A quick Google search has shown the average CTR for PPC ads is about 2% and email sign up rates are around 1-5%, so I'll use these as targets to aim for with this MVP.

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